Hi there! I’m Korbin… well, that’s not my real name, but it’s one I’m comfortable using.  I’ve been a witch for 10 years now. I’ve hopped from path to path and never really settled on anything.

I created this blog for a lot of reasons. To follow my path hopping. To share crafts I come up with. To rant about things I’m passionate about or really don’t make sense to me. Just to name a few.

What’s with the links?

Sometimes you’ll see links in my posts that’ll take you to Amazon, Ebay, or another site. These are Affiliate links. That just means that if you follow the link and buy the product I make a small commission (and I do mean small) off of the sale. The price doesn’t go higher or lower and I won’t intentionally send you to something expensive. I’m cheap and if I think it costs too much I won’t link to it.

I will never, ever send you to a site I don’t know anything about. Nor will I send you to a site that could potentially be a scam. I also won’t send you to anything with a ton of bad reviews.


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