Day 7 Incubation Update

I got a little impatient and I candled on day 5 but it gave me an idea of what to look out for.

Day 5 candle results

One egg appeared to be clear (aka infertile, but that isn’t always the case) and two looked as though they had a blood ring. Blood rings are the result of the embryo beginning to grow but, for whatever reason, died and the blood pooled in a ring. Now, some people might toss these eggs out no matter how early it is. I know better and I’ve made that mistake. So these eggs will go on to be candled at day 7 to find out if they actually are ‘dead’. If they start to ooze (literally), they’ll be tossed before day 7.

Day 7 candle results.

My camera refused to cooperate with me, so I ended up taking a few short videos, which you can see I pulled them all together below. I also added in some general information, but I suck at speaking on camera.


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