Polytheism and Where I Stand

I haven’t written a whole lot since last year, which is understandable. This year has presented me with a lot of stress. Between getting attacked by one of my best roosters and having a hard time selling eggs and chicks- and trying find the kittens that were missing up until today- , I’ve ‘fallen out’ of love with Paganism again. It’s ok. It happens and the Gods (while They stop ‘speaking’ to me) don’t get too mad at me. They give me a big shove when They think I’ve just flat out gotten lazy.

Apparently They think I’ve gotten lazy, because I’ve been shoved. Where the Wild God is usually the quite party and the Lady of Cats is usually the one that puts up a big fuss, They’ve switched. Lady Bast has calmly asked me to listen and Cernunnos has told me, in no uncertain terms, to speak up. I am involved in this. This is part of who I am. I should not stay in the shadows.

But I’m really late to the party, which isn’t at all unusual for me. So in my usual late style, here we go.

I’m a Polytheist and I’m proud of it.

I usually only talk about Bast and Cernunnos, because They’re the main focus of my practice, but I believe that all Gods exist. Well, all Gods with the exception of the ‘gods’ of Judaism. Why? I just have a serious dislike of something that gets shoved down my throat on a daily basis. Oh the joys of living in Alabama.

What about the thousands of Gods other cultures worship? Yep. Every last one of Them except those I mentioned. No matter how dark, no matter how evil They seem. (Note: Evil, to me, is a wholly human alignment. I just can’t bring myself to believe that the Gods care for such things. Again, this is simply my belief and I don’t expect anyone else to follow it.) I can choose not to work with certain Gods, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe They exist.

The only exception to my self imposed rules is that I do honor Gods I don’t work with on Their day. This doesn’t mean I spend every day of the year on Holy Days. There are just certain days that mean a lot to me. The notable harvest celebrations are the main ones. Remember, I’m a homesteader as well as a Pagan. That means that harvest celebrations and fertility celebrations are a big focus for me.

I’m also beginning to work with Pop Culture Paganism. Which I will talk about another time.

With all that said, if you try to tear who and what I am apart, I WILL retaliate. It doesn’t mean much to many, but it does mean something.


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