Update: New Chicken Pics and New Flock Memebers

This is what a lot of people have been waiting for! 

Now that quarantine is over I can happily share new pictures of my flocks. I didn’t manage to get one of Jet the EE, but I’ll do an update just for her once I get Jewel and Oddball’s pen expanded. That’s right! She’s going to live with the Marans pair! Jewel needs the help. Her back is looking rough! Oddball has been doing more than his job!

Without further ado, here they are! Excuse the mud. We had a few storms move through.

He’s gotten so big! Jewel is half his size.
They love to get out and scratch around every day. It kills me that they got their water dirty in just a few minutes.
4 of 8 chicks hatched on January 21st! Most of these are EEs.
Look at those cheeks!
The rain turned 2 of my pens into ponds. Ducky Girl loves it, though.
Corn is a rare treat and they’re all getting in on it!
That’s a lot of butts in the air!
They’re strangely clean amid all that mud.
Nocturnal the Silkie hen. She’s the sweetest of the 3.
Talos, the handsome rooster.
Azura is not my biggest fan. They love their nest box!
Marble in blur mode.
Saint and Oddity are too white to be in the middle of that! Somehow I didn’t get pics of Henrietta or Jazzy.

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