7th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long

It’s that time of year again where a ton of people get together and hatch eggs. 

The Easter Hatch is a tradition on Backyard Chickens. The thread is started in January so that people can find it over the next few months… and so that anyone setting Emu or similar eggs has plenty of time.

From the thread:

We want to hatch on March 26th, (the day BEFORE Easter Sunday)

button quail: 16 days to hatch; set March 10th
coturnix quail: 18 days to hatch; set March 8th
seramas: 19 days to hatch; set March 7th
other bantam and LF chicken: 21 days to hatch; set March 5th
bobwhite quail: 23 days to hatch; set March 3rd
call duck and other bantam ducks: 26 days to hatch; set February 29th

pheasant: 22 to 29 days; set February 26th – March 4th
mallard (derived) duck,goose, turkey, guinea, peafowl: 28 days to hatch; set February 27th
goose: 28 to 32 days to hatch; set February 23rd – February 27th
muscovy duck: 35 days to hatch; set February 20th
emu: approx. 53 days to hatch – set Feb 2nd (for you “serious” hatchers)

There are still five hatch dates to go so there’s still plenty of time to enter! If you set eggs for each type on the days (This counts for anything set within 2 days before, on, and 2 days after the set date) stated above, you can join the hatch and report that you set on those days. They are super flexible. We have people that join after the main set date and report that they had already set, even if they didn’t know about the hatch.

This is usually my main hatch event of the year.I like catching up with people I haven’t spoken to in a while and meeting new people.

Did I mention the contests?

There are tons of contests running at any given time. Right now there are 12 contests open and just about anyone can enter them. For digital prizes anyone can enter. We usually have at least one contest that’s sponsored by Brinsea, but My Pet Chicken has sponsored a lot of them this year. Most of the prizes come from other members. In fact, I won an awesome picture last year for the Caption Contest.

What are you waiting for? Get hatching!



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