The Māori 

This all started with called The Dead Lands.

I found it on Netflix and thought it looked interesting and Lawrence Makoare (LOTR) was in it, but I couldn’t place where the Māori  were from or much about them. So I did a search and found that they’re from New Zealand, where the movie was filmed.

It difficult to find the right information on the actors, but most (if not all) of them are from NZ and many are Māori. In fact, Rena Owens is Māori and I love her past work. It makes sense seeing as the movie is very accurate culture wise.

The Māori are very focused on their ancestors, culture, and the land. It’s amazing. I would love to have the chance to go to NZ just to see how their ancestors lived. The warriors alone are a reason to go. Their Haka (war dance) is amazing. I also think Māori singing sounds beautiful.

Go look the Māori up, you won’t be disappointed!

Oh, and today is actually the birth day of George Henare, one of the actors from The Dead Lands.


5 thoughts on “The Māori 

    1. I would love to hear those stories! I’m actually looking for another Maori centered movie called The Dark Horse. It has several of the same actors and it’s supposed to have a more modern setting.


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