Breed of the Week: Marans

Marans originate from the town of Marans in western France.

I love this breed. I wasn’t sure about raising them since they can be hard to hatch, but they are beautiful birds that lay beautiful eggs.

Photo from and by

This is a large breed originally bred as dual purpose, now mostly bred for show. They lay beautiful dark brown eggs, of which the French Black Copper lays the darkest.

Again, I love this breed. I have 2 blue, a splash, and 2 French Black Copper – Jewel and Oddball.

So, what the difference between a French Black Copper and a Black Copper anyway? The former are to the French standard, they have feathered legs. The latter have clean legs, which means no feathers on the legs. Jewel and Oddball have feathered legs.

So far I’ve found this breed to be very friendly. Jewel likes to sit in my lap at feeding time. She’s also gotten used to Mouse (my cat) coming right up to her. Oddball doesn’t try to attack me and try out his growing spurs. He’s very sweet and doesn’t mind being touched.

My other girls are in a flock, so their affection varies. I adore them though. I mistook one of them for a Lavender Orpington as a chick, but that’s OK.

I need to do a review on the hatchery I got most of my chicks from this year. So, look for that.


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