The Systematic Destruction of the World

It’s happening and not as slowly as you think.

Have you ever heard of CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder? Do you know what the BLM is doing to Mustangs? Did you know that the only thing standing in the way of horse slaughter in the US is the FDA? What do you know about soy? GMOs? The cattle industry? Factory Farming?

What do you think is going on?

In this series of posts I’ll try to explain these things and more. I can’t offer unbiased posts, but I can promise you that I’ve done my research on what I’ll be talking about. I may get a little emotional, but these are my causes I’m talking about. These are things that mean a lot to me. Things that should mean something to everyone.

Keep an eye out for posts titled TSDW followed by the subject. The first post will be TSDW: Vanishing Act.


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