Breed Profile of the Week: Easter Egger

This week’s breed isn’t a recognized breed.

The Easter Egger will never be a breed. Almost no two birds look alike. There are few identifiers to help you figure out the breed or lack there of.

Easter Eggers lay a variety of colors. Photo by Taryn Koerker. Taken from

At least one of the base breeds have to carry a blue egg gene. If they don’t lay blue eggs it’s not likely to produce an EE*. Green eggs are the product of a blue layer* and a brown layer. This cross shouldn’t be confused with Olive Eggers since a more precise cross is required to produce dark green eggs. Blue eggs are generally from a white layer and a blue layer, which in some cases creates prolific layers called Super Blues*.

The most commonly used blue layers for all color crosses are Auraucanas, Ameraucanas, and Cream Legbars. I may have forgotten something.

*I have no idea how pink eggs are created. I also don’t know how Cherry Eggers are created.
*By layer I mean they have that specific gene. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blue gene rooster over a brown gene hen or vise versa.
* Super Blues lay a lot of eggs. That’s pretty much all prolific means.


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