Winter Garden Plans, the Pagan Homestead Tag, and garden pictures

Timing is part of getting a good yield.

So what happens when you plant too late? How does it affect the yield?

Last year I got Alaska Early peas and ended up planting them too late. They came up in November and got wiped out by a bad freeze in December. We replanted 2 weeks after the freeze and they didn’t do nearly as well. One died at the roots, but the rest of the vine produced for a month before it completely died. I hardly got any peas.

This year I’m planting earlier. In a week, actually. I’m also replanting my carrots and radishes since the early heat got them. My carrots didn’t get very big and one of the horses pastured with StarBuck kept reaching over the chain link fence to pull up my radishes. I wasn’t happy with Grey Boy. Damn draft cross. Too sweet to stay mad at him.

Grey Boy is the big fleabitten Appaloosa. His owner needs to be shot.

I’m not sure what else I’ll be planting yet. I’m still thinking about it.

On another note, I follow the Pagan Homestead tag and it’s pretty boring to only see my blog posts. Where is everyone? Did I miss something that says Pagans can’t garden or homestead? I’d love to see more posts from other people.

Tomatoes are starting to die.
Bell peppers
More tomatoes.
Tomato and bell pepper bed.
Strawberries that aren't producing.


The pepper garden.
The apple tree that hasn't started producing yet.
Japanese plum tree.

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