Month of Written Devotion: Beginning


In the beginning you told me I wasn’t alone. That I never had been.

You told me the voices would stop and they did.

It was at the beginning that I needed you the most. I needed your company, your strength, your love. You gave and gave and gave, but you never asked anything of me.

You knew I was struggling. You knew I didn’t believe in their god and you gave me something to believe in. I didn’t know your name, but you never asked me to learn it.

I was a lost child in the beginning and you found me.


You knew all along. Didn’t you? You knew She would find me first. You allowed Her to find me and slowly guide me to you.

When I finally found you in the woods that day you didn’t run like you did every time before.

I still don’t know you as well as I know Her, but you never cared. Not then and not now.


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