Prayers for a Missing Cat: Updated!

I’ve never been one to ask for prayers or whatever, but my cat is missing.

Normally I wouldn’t worry. My cats can take care of themselves, but not Saber. Saber is a big, fluffy, grey, Maine Coon mix with the sweetest personality. He’s a big baby.

Saber isn’t all there mentally. One wrong move and you won’t see him for an hour. If you even sneeze in the same room as him he goes into hiding. If he wanders out the back door he goes into a panic and hides until someone he trusts (like me) comes out to get him.

My best guess is that he got out this morning. It can be hard to find him sometimes when he’s inside. I’m worried about him. As I type this it’s storming. I don’t know where he could be and I can only pray to Bast he shows himself soon.


Dad spotted Saber this morning and saw where he was hiding. I got him to come out from under the house. He’s back inside and happy!

Saber doesn't like it when Little Bit gets in his space. He's a little muddy.

6 thoughts on “Prayers for a Missing Cat: Updated!

    1. I’ve checked everywhere I can get to. That just leaves under the house. There’s a few holes could have gone through. I just wish he’d come back inside.


      1. Cat’s go missing. He’ll be back and then never want out again. I had a cat that decided to go on a walk about in the dead of winter. Never went out again. I never understood why she left in the first place.


      2. I wouldn’t be worried if were one of my other cats. Saber’s not exactly all there. It’s one reason I’m so worried about him. Another reason is that it can be nearly impossible to get him out of hiding. Between the Bobcats, coyotes, feral cats, raccoons, snakes, and cat killing neighborhood dogs I’m afraid he’ll get hurt.


  1. Try putting something outside that smells either like him or yourself – a blanket or bed he likes, your pillow, a scratching post, etc. That’s supposed to help animals find their way home by smell. But in the meantime, I will also pray to Bast for the safe return of your beloved kitty. I know She will lead him home safely.


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