Haunted Dolls


I hate to say it, but I think it’s time to sell my grandmother’s collection of haunted dolls. Before she passed, my grandmother collected every haunted doll she could get her hands on.

I’m afraid of dolls. There, I said it. I’m afraid of dolls and the haunted ones bother me.

Four of them are Heritage Mint Collection dolls. I hate them the most. I was forced to sleep in a room with them as a kid. All of the dolls were passed on to me. Despite the fact that she knew I hate them.

One of them ‘seems’ to be rare as I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere. She’s African American. Her tag is gone.


She doesn’t have a date.


This one still has her tag and has a date.



This one has no tag. Same date as above.


This one has no tag, no date, and no marking aside from the stand they all have.


They could use some TLC, but it’s not coming from me. I hate them.

I can’t make any promises, but these suckers like to play tricks on people.

Make an offer and I’ll probably accept. Paypal only. Buyer pays shipping.

Please get these things away from me.
If you need any information on them feel free to ask.


2 thoughts on “Haunted Dolls

  1. I recently told my fiance never to gift me a marionette, dummy, or doll. They creep me out (especially clown dolls). I could make an exception for a Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) doll.


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