Where My Path Left The Trail

First I’d like to say that I have never been devoted to Christianity. I wasn’t raised in a religious family. Superstitious, but not religious.

I was invited to church services a lot as a kid and I even attended vacation bible school once. That single week was enough to destroy any thoughts that I was a Christian.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy being among friends. It was the anti fun, anti intelligence adults that killed it. Southern Baptists suck. Catoma Baptist Church is one of the worst churches I have ever had the displeasure of stepping foot inside.

I was a good little lamb, until I did something unforgivable. I asked a question. Yep. I asked a question and they told my parents to pick me up. They told my parents to not bother bringing me back, because I wasn’t welcome there.

I wish I could remember what my question was. I know it had something to do with that day’s lesson… whatever it was.

It would have been OK if it had ended there. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I was yelled at by the woman that had been teaching the class. Something she had no right to do. I lost all the friends I had made that week. I was told by several adults that it was not my place to question my elders.

How’s that for some crap? I wanted to understand something and I was pushed out for asking a question. There are some things that can’t be forgiven.


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