Oh, Dear Bast!

Sometimes I wonder if she tests my fears on purpose.
And then I wonder if she’s testing me at all. Let me back up a bit.

I was almost done with my shower when someone knocked on the bathroom door. I hate being bothered when I’m in there. Shower or not. It was a soft knock and I live with loud people. I let them know the door was unlocked, but no one came in. Dad wouldn’t have bothered. He would have just gone outside. Mom and Blu would have come in. OK then.

As soon as I walked outside to smoke before bed I heard a kitten meowing. It could only be Lily or Eunice’s so I went to see what was wrong. It was one of Lily’s babies.

See, Lily is half feral. A tom cat brought her here. Not uncommon. Not the first kitten. We worked hard to tame her enough to pet her. You know, in case she gets hurt and someone needs to help her. Feral cats become slightly annoying attention whores when you tame them.

So you can understand why I haven’t touched her kittens. I didn’t want her to hide them. I need to be able to socialize them when they’re weened. I can’t do that if I can’t find them. Eunice brings her kittens to the back porch when it’s time. Lily doesn’t understand that.

When I found her kittens a week ago they hissed, spit, and swatted at me without being touched. This kitten did no such thing and responded when I was trying to find it.

It’s OK and back with Lily now. I think Bast let me know it needed my help. Lily couldn’t have reached it. I do my best for the Lady of Cats and her children. No matter what.


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