Current Altar Setup: Lammas to Mabon 2015

I meant to do this soon, but it’s nearly impossible to get a picture of my altar. Even before I expanded the altar and swapped out the dark blue cloth I use most of the time. It’s probably because the walls are dark blue.


Right now I’m set up for the blue moon and Lammas, so it looks pretty cluttered. I was going to get pictures of each section, but that’s not happening.

Aside from the various crystals and gemstones, I have a cat for Bast and a bronze age style stag for Cernunnos.

On Bast’s side is a unicorn I was given many years ago, a tiny pewter lion, a hematite sphere, a black kitten in a shoe, and Lammas candles.

On the Wild Hunter’s side there a Native man ‘carved’ into a ‘horn’. It’s resin. I have various gold rings hanging from the ears and horns of the statue. Fossilized shark’s teeth I found on Catoma creek. A coyote canine and a few other things.

In the middle there’s a bunch of stuff I won’t go into now.


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