Personal Magick

A look at what I’m drawn to.

Everyone is drawn to different kinds of spells. Books of Shadows vary as widely as music tastes. No one is going to like exactly the same things I do. We can share similar tastes, but someone else might not like Chevelle as much I as do. If at all.

Personally I’m drawn to protection, cleansing, and calming spells the most. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of so many things. Maybe it’s because of my anxiety disorder. I’m not too sure why I’m so drawn to these spells, but I am. I love garden magick and enjoy working with water and air.

On the other hand I despise love and sex magick. For me it’s a waste of time and I see them as wrong. I just won’t tell someone else not to do what they want.

I don’t believe in the concept of black and white magick. I think it’s stupid to separate it in such a way. Other people see things differently than I do.

Everyone is different and that’s the wonderful thing about magick.


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