Weekly Update #?

I got the chance to stop by my local witchy shop today.
It doesn’t happen much, but I always seem to come home with something shiny. Today was no exception.

They had a sale on crystals and candles, which was awesome since I had a few things to grab. Namely candles.


I got 2 of every color except pink, indigo, and ivory. The 2 black and one white on the far left I got a few weeks ago.

Ever since my last trip I’ve been dying to a blue aqua obsidian and today was my day! I was also lucky enough to get a piece of rough citrine. I cannot get a good picture for anything in this world.

Rough citrine, blue aqua obsidian, and fluorite and green aventurine from a few weeks ago.

I spotted a fluorite chip necklace that I wasn’t able to get this time, but it better watch out. I’m coming for it.

I got the young hens moved around. They’re living with Blizzard and the ducks now. Who knows how they’ll react come morning. There are still 6 living in the larger cage. One is destined for a new home soon. Too many roosters.

That’s about all that’s gone on this week. Pictures are coming soon of the young girls in their new home.


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