Keeping Bacon Grease for Cooking

I may catch some flack for this.

Even before bacon was all the rage my family has kept Bacon grease to cook with. It’s easy to keep and it prevents the inevitable ‘what do I do with this?’

Being as I’m southern born and raised I know a lot of great uses for left over bacon grease. Collard, turnip, and mustard greens. Beans of all kinds. Fried eggs. The list goes on.

So, do you have to do anything special to keep the grease from going rancid? No, not really. We keep ours in a blue lead top jar. It’s old, but it works.

Sadly, if you get grease on the outside of the jar it collects cat hair.

Sure it looks a little gross, but that’s grease. We keep the jar on the counter in the kitchen and in all the years we’ve done this it’s never gone bad.


One thought on “Keeping Bacon Grease for Cooking

  1. We agree. And, to add to the mix (no pun intended), we HIGHLY recommend keeping the grease from gilled meats as well! Barbeque a duck or a goose (or almost anything else with a respectable fat content), and catch all that wonderful flavor as the fat drips off! We say you shouldn’t limit yourself to JUST bacon grease!!!

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