Weekly Update #2

My internet will finally let me do shit!

I guess it’s a good thing my internet was being a bastard for the past week… or however long that was since nothing really exciting happened. So here’s what’s up.

  • Yesterday 2 of the horses that share pasture with my horse escaped. Riley is easy enough to catch when she calms down, but Brown Boy won’t let you get close to him. We ended up running him for a bit before he calmed down enough for me to catch him. I discovered something very disturbing about him. He’s afraid of everything. People scare him the most. I already know their owner is abusing them. He only shows up once a week at most to feed them. When he takes them away on his trailer he brings them back limping. Now I have reason to suspect he’s beating Brown Boy. The more I spoke to him, the more he warmed up to me. He realized I had no intention to hurt him. I have slowly gotten them back into good shape, at the cost of my bank account. Even though they aren’t mine, I still work with them. They NEED to know that not all humans want to hurt them.
  • My French Black Copper Marans pair- Jewel and Oddball- have gotten bigger since the video I posted. I need to get some new pictures over everyone.
  • I had to sell my Easter Egger chick. It killed the blue splash Houdan/Silkie (the one with the top hat of feathers) which meant it had to go. I also sold a few of my extra Rhode Island Red boys that hatched during the Easter Hatch-A-Long this year.
  • 2 of the stray cats that have decided to live here and be friendly had kittens. The older of the two used to to belong to my friend until she wandered over and never left. She was shelter bound until she came to live with us as an outside cat. Her name is Eunice and she had 3 kittens. Funny since this is her 3rd litter. Lily is half feral and a tom cat dropped her off here. I haven’t found her kittens yet. We always have an easy time finding good homes for kittens.

That’s been about it. I’m thinking about writing about some creepy local legends. If that’s something you’d like to see, let me know in the comments!


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