A Few Thoughts on the Horned God

Cernunnos is a god that will kick your ass.

And it’s not because he’s light or dark. You can’t call him good or bad. He’s balanced like all gods should be.

He doesn’t like to be ignored, but that doesn’t mean he won’t give you time to learn that he’s speaking to you. He knows you’ll figure it out when it’s time. It could take days or years and he knows that. He knows when you’re ready.

He isn’t without compassion, but he isn’t going to baby you either. He’s not going to take your crap.

He’s both violent lust and tender love.

He is the hunter and the prey.

He is the Horned One. He is the Wild One. He is the Forest Guardian.

He has prodded at my brain enough for one night and I’m going to sleep.


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