Weekly Update #1

Fun, fun.

This past week has been a rough one with all the things going on in the States. Here at home we’re watching and scowling at our idiot officials and the weather.

  1. Everyone knows what’s going on with Charleston situation. I’m not commenting on that. We all know it’s a tragedy.
  2. The Confederate flag is getting snatched down everywhere in the south as a result. I don’t care if they remove it from statehouses. It has no place there, but removing it from memorials is just plain wrong. Which leads me to…
  3. Here in Alabama (if we’re lucky) a county official may end up going to jail for grave robbing. You just don’t take thing off of people’s graves. I don’t care if you don’t like that they’re a certain flag, that is a Confederate Cemetery. Leave it alone.
  4. The weather here has sucked big time. It’s been in the 90s and my cold hardy breeds hate it.
  5. Dad’s duck hen is laying again. She’s laid 2 clutches this year. One was lost when something ran her off the nest. The second yielded 14 chicks: one failed to thrive and 9 were lost to an unknown sickness. That leaves 4 healthy ducklings. She has never laid after a good hatch before. We’ll see where this goes.

I also have some videos for y’all. I took them today while I was getting everyone fed. I release a few more over the next few days. Excuse the stuttering, I got really hot.


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