31 Days of Witchcraft: Day 1

I realized that I should start this at the beginning of the month so I can actually keep up with it. I like the idea of structured (somewhat) questions since they help me focus my writing. So, without further ado, here’s day one.

Day One: How did you discover your path?

I don’t exactly follow any one path. A more accurate question would be’ how did you discover you weren’t cut out for Wicca?’

The truth is I started to drift away from Wicca two years after I started down that road. I found it lacking. Wicca focuses on light and only light. I needed something more balanced. I found myself sitting in a blanket term with no direction. I haven’t actually practiced in… oh, possibly four years.

Now I’m feeling the pull again and I feel like I should answer it. There’s just one problem. Which path to take from here?

I feel like I’m being tugged towards Draconian Magick, but I have no wish to work with the Fae. We don’t have a good history. So, I haven’t decided what to do yet. Only time will tell.


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