Something You Never Would Have Thought Of

I see all these books and sites on what animal means what, but there is one I never see.

The Chicken

Yes, you read that right. I said chicken.

Since I breed and raise them I see more of their true personalities than most people will ever see. They mean a lot to me. There is more to them than meets the eye. Flocks are made up of a matriarch.

The Rooster

Meet Blizzard the Chantecler rooster.
Meet Blizzard the Chantecler rooster.

The rooster is brave and strong. He is the protector and provider. He bows to the hens. A rooster will die to protect his flock. They are truly noble birds. (Don’t laugh.)

The Hen

One of the greatest mothers in the world. Hens are a force to be reckoned with. They lead the flock. I have walked away with more than a few battle wounds after dealing with a broody hen.

Most people would never think of chickens in this way, but I have the pleasure of seeing it every day.


4 thoughts on “Something You Never Would Have Thought Of

    1. I looked it up after I read your comment and I can tell you I am really not impressed. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I should probably expand on my post since it is a little short. Give more information on where I got the idea from. Maybe a video of one of my roosters getting beat up by a hen half his size. XD

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  1. LOL! That’d be cool! Love to see that video for sure! We have some roosters and hens around the corner from us. Roosters are on one side of the road and the hens on the other. It’s like something outta West Side Story!


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